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mini plate

mini plate

.handmade spoon or tea bag rest plate. small dish, but very useful. also perfect for small desert, some nuts, jewelry, soap, small candle on your window in the morning and many more. I always say, that they look like candies on the table and are little helpers.

.I make it from white clay and then decorate in different ways. at the end cover it with glazes and burn to high temperature.

.you can always ask me, what kind of plates do I have at the moment and I will tell you with pictures.

.diameter – 8.7 cm / 3.43 inch
.weight ~ 73 g / 0.16 lb
.color – green and red
.care – hand wash





.note: colors might look a little different on variuos screens. The photos in the listing serve as a guideline, each plate is slightly different from one another.