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one of a kind bowl

one of a kind bowl

.pottery serving bowl from my series - o n e   o f   a   k i n d.

.perfect for salad, vegetables, fruits, pasta, cookies, sweet and everything else.

.this serving bowl made from white clay. simple shape and black ornaments, made using engobe. ornaments are different all over: inside and outside. finished with transparent glaze, burned to high temperature.

.height ~ 5.7 cm / 2.24 inch
.diameter ~ 22.7 cm / 8.93 inch
.weight - 562 g / 1.24 lb
.color – white and black
.care – hand wash only





.note: colors might look a little different on variuos screens. The photos in the listing serve as a guideline, each plate is slightly different from one another.

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