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one of a kind bowl

one of a kind bowl

.this handmade pottery bowl is perfect for: ice cream, snacks, nuts, berries, sweets, yogurt, cookies, chocolates, sauces and many other things.

.from my   o n e   o f   a   k i n d   collection. I do these bowls when I want to rest from mu usual things. pure relaxation by letting myself do something different. so you will have absolutely one of kind piece, because it is impossible for me to repeat it. everything comes from that moment when I decorate it.

 .it is made from white clay using my hands only. simple shape and interesting decoration, made using engobes. finished with transparent glaze, burned to high temperature.

.for every ceramic piece I do it's personal recycled paper box. when it comes to shipping, I pay extra attention on packing, don't worry.:)


.height ~ 3.7 cm / 1.46 inch
.diameter ~ 13.2 cm / 5.20 inch
.weight - 307 g / 0.68 lb
.color – white, black and green
.care – hand wash




.note: colors might look a little different on variuos screens. The photos in the listing serve as a guideline, each plate is slightly different from one another.

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